YOU Can Help!

A Great excuse to declutter and help a family in need!

Throughout the year Oasis has the wonderful opportunity to offer our East Manchester communities absolute bargains in our charity shop. 

Remarkably, our charity shop prices are the same as they were when we first opened our doors 20 years ago…it has been said we are the cheapest charity shop in Manchester!!

We keep our prices low to help those most in need fight debt and make sure unwanted items don’t find their way into landfill but into  someone’s home who desperately needs it! We have a strong group of supporters helping us keep our charity shop well stocked with well-loved items throughout the year but in November we need your support more than ever!  

November is the month when loan sharks start visiting the most vulnerable in our East Manchester neighbourhood. They prey on people and families who can’t afford the Christmas season and would do anything to provide for their families at this special time of year.  We have heard countless stories of people borrowing money to get them through Christmas, only to find their affordable repayment plan has gone up 1,000%.  The small loan to get them through Christmas becomes a tsunami of debt awaiting them in the new year, often becoming a tipping point for chaos flooding a family’s home.

That’s why, every November, we make sure our charity shop is stocked full of new and second-hand goodies to help our community bravely say NO to the loan sharks prowling our streets.

YOU can Help!!

We would like to stock our charity shop with toiletries, toys, games, jewellery, unwanted gifts, Christmas bric-a-brac and Christmas decorations.

You can drop off your wonderful Christmas donations in the month of November between 9am and 3pm Monday to Friday at The Oasis Centre 929, Hyde Road, Gorton, M18 7FB

*The items you will be donating will be unwrapped on Christmas day (how exciting!) so please make sure toys, games and bric-a-brac are in good working order and of a standard perfect to open on Christmas day.  Thank you!