We’re Almost There!

Our £1 million new building project has been granted planning permission!!!

This is fantastic news and there are so many people we need to thank…Simon and Sue Cook and the Roger Hannah & Co team, Matt Gray and Grays Architecture Ltd, Andy and Angela Crowe, Chris Ward, Vicky Ward…and all the incredible people who have partnered with us to help make our dream a reality!

As we look forward to our new centre, I’m reminded of the here and now.  We are in a privileged position of being 17 and a half years into this wonderful vision of Oasis and there is lots to be thankful for!

As excited as we are about our future AND BOY ARE WE EXCITED! We are often told to be thankful for what we have, right now in the day we are living in.  This is something God has been developing in us through the years and decades of waiting.

So…today as I write to you I am thankful for the 72 people who came into our centre today, the 29 crisis issues that were dealt with, over 70 free hot meals served, the 35 people that engaged with our education program, and the 13 people who enjoyed our IT 1-2-1 support and Work Club today.

This great news of planning permission offers us the permission to triple our opening hours and extend our services into a building twice the size we have now.  It gives us the permission to serve this incredible community for generations to come! Permission to speak hope over people who have given up on themselves and the people around them.  Permission to show God’s unconditional love to our community.

Thank you again for your continued support, we couldn’t and wouldn’t want to do it without you! I look forward to updating you on the next step of this incredible adventure.