We’re all in this together!!

I’m sure like me you have been shocked and overwhelmed by the devastation in Ukraine.  We stand with this precious nation in prayer and trust for peace. 

We can easily feel powerless looking at our television screens watching thousands of people leaving their homes, famillies, careers, stability, and hope for their future.....and watching millions more stay and fight. Historically, our little island is so far removed from this kind of destruction, danger, and tragedy. How can we understnd what these precious people are going through? But we must.

We trust that as a country, we will open our borders wide and support our Ukrainian friends. Here at Oasis, we will do everything we can to bless and support people from Ukraine who come to Manchester.

This war has brought home the reality of so many nations suffering conflict, displacement, and loss across our planet.  Nations who have fled to the UK for protection and sanctuary. I don’t believe it was a coincidence that Oasis started in the same year the refugee crisis came to Manchester.  Back in 2001 thousands of asylum seekers moved into Manchester to find safety and stability hoping to return to their homeland one day.  At the beginning of 2001, three asylum seekers found themselves on the doorstep of my Church after fleeing genocide and war from Angola, Uganda and Azerbaijan.  They were cold, hungry, and scared…Oasis was born!  At the very start of the Oasis story God was asking us to welcome the refugee, welcome the stranger and invite them into our family.

Leviticus 19:33 - 34

33 “Do not mistreat foreigners living in your country.

34 Treat them just as you treat your own citizens. Love foreigners as you love yourselves, because you were foreigners one time”.

Since 2001 we have been passionate about welcoming the nations of the world into our centre, into our community, into our family. 

Welcome starts with understanding. Welcome starts with laying down judgement and predjudice. Welcome starts with listening. Welcome starts with laying down fear. Welcome starts with learning from other cultures and embracing our differences in love! Oasis has had the privilege in welcoming thousands of people from around the world. Enjoying creative ways of coming together as one. I have personally learnt so much about humility, servant heartedness and community from the many nations that come to Oasis for support. One of the ways we are creating a welcoming space for our asylum and refugee friends is through our Friday Feasts which brings our diverse and beautiful communities together giving them the opportunity to share their culture and their food - funded by One Manchester and voted in by YOU!!

Thank you again!!!

Our Friday Feasts are absolutely THRIVING.  Since September last year our Friday Feasts have had a footfall of 1,296, serving 122 brand new people to the Oasis Centre from 23 different nations.  Woop!!

It’s just incredible!  We are learning so much from our new friends who have become family.

Here’s a snapshot of our latest Friday Feast celebrating our friends from Sudan: