We just love to celebrate!!

Awards ceremonies are always a highlight in the life of The Oasis Centre!

We just love to celebrate what our incredible Oasis community achieve here at the centre.  Each day we are open there is so much to do!  Our RE-ENGAGE programme offers an amazing choir, gardening club, craft workshop and keep fit.  Our RE-SKILL programme includes 1-2-1 literacy and numeracy, group work in maths, English, cookery, history, project work and art.  Our RE-START programme supports people in IT skills, tablet workshops and work club. Next Step provides people with the skills and a mentoring programme in retail and catering…I could go on!

“Oasis has helped me a lot, they have helped me turn my life around.  I now have a flat, I’m not drinking and I keep my mind occupied with all the activities at Oasis.  I like doing arts and craft and cookery and learning new things.”  Oasis client.

All this activity creates the most wonderful environment for people to build friendships, confidence and new skills.  So, twice a year we like to say a big WELL DONE and YOU DID IT! to the amazing people who call Oasis their second home.

In December 2019 over 80 people attended our Winter Awards day and 72 certificates were given out by Frank Robinson from CDL.  CDL are an incredible local business who fund our education programmes. 

‘The work of staff and volunteers at the centre has transformed many lives, giving hope and a future to a great number of disadvantaged people in the community.  This is a strong and successful model for community engagement and support, enabled by partnerships between businesses and local charities. We are always in awe of the efforts and achievements of the Oasis team and proud to be an active supporter of the organisation’ Frank Robinson CDL

Without their support our awards ceremony simply wouldn’t happen…because we wouldn’t have an education programme to help people thrive and achieve.  We are so grateful for CDL’s partnership.

“CDL's amazing support has meant 186 precious individuals over the past year have had the opportunity to learn, grow and achieve this year. We see clients improving their literacy and numeracy, learning to speak English, enjoying looking at the history of their area, being computer literate, creating art they are proud of, singing as part of a choir and so much more. Day by day, we are seeing people who have been through so much, begin to achieve and believe in themselves whilst being proud of one another. This is only possible due to our generous funders" Lizzie, RE-SKILL Coordinator