We Have Moved!

I am absolutely and overwhelmingly thrilled to tell you all our good news… WE ARE IN OUR NEW HOME!

Our new purpose-built centre is finally ours and it is magnificent! It literally is everything I had hoped, dreamed, and prayed for.

God has been so very faithful, and we continue to thank God and every single person, family, Church, business, Trust Fund and organisation that has brought us to this point. 

As we settle into out new home there are two Churches I would like to honour, St James Church Gorton and Trinity Baptist Church Gorton.

Revd Craig Smith, Neville and Sylvia and everyone at St James Church have loved us, looked after us and hosted Oasis for the past 14 years. We truly thank God for you.

Pastor Wayne Clarke and everyone at Trinity Baptist have supported Oasis from the very beginning. They have also been the most remarkable neighbours, going beyond the extra mile, graciously supporting our building project. (Oasis will be right next to Trinity Baptist in our new home!)

St James Church and Trinity Baptist Church, we look forward to working alongside you in the years to come!

Over the past 19 years Oasis has had the privilege of living alongside an incredibly, beautiful and diverse community. We have watched countless people work through the most difficult circumstances to become vital and thriving members of our community. Our God given vision has always been to see our community fully transformed and recognised as a place where strong relationships grow, and people flourish. 

Through consultation with our community over several years it has become clear that we all want to continue to take ownership of out neighbourhood. Where everyone is loved, valued, and cared for. Where our streets are safe and looked after and where there is hope for our future.

In our new building, we are excited to inspire, partner and support local individuals, families, Churches and businesses to be part of the adventure of loving and restoring our neighbourhood (and neighbours) well, so we no longer feel run-down and neglected but cared for and thriving!

We are absolutely committed to see our new building pumping out God's unconditional love for generations to come and we invite you to be part of this exciting adventure!


Our new address is 929 Hyde Road, Manchester, M18 7FB.

Due to the current pandemic, we are unable to open as fully as we would like to. We continue to serve the people in our community through emergency food provision, crisis support and this week we are relaunching our RE-Start programme. 

All of these things will require an appointment so we can keep our community safe. You can get an appointment by phoning or leaving a message on 07732352568 or emailing support@oasisgorton.org.