We are on the land!!

Our £1 Million building project is finally on site!!

I need to say it again. WE ARE ON SITE!! 

The Oasis Centre has been looking for a place to truly call home for over 15 years.  We wanted a home that would enable us to grow - serving more people, offering more life changing services, helping people feel valued and loved!

We were first offered land 12 years ago but due to unforeseen circumstances we had to let go of our dream for a few more years. Then in 2014 Manchester City Council offered us land for £1…all we needed to do was raise £1 million to build our new home!!

To be honest I was praying for a millionaire to come along and write us a big cheque for the entire £1 million…surely that would be the best way??!! But that didn’t happen and an incredible and character-building adventure started 4 and a half years ago which has changed everyone involved for the better.  

Raising the funds needed and legally getting onto the land has been tough but we wouldn’t have changed a moment of it. We have met the most incredible people, learnt some invaluable lessons, been humbled, cried and laughed, A LOT!  We have seen God work miracles and He has given us friendships that will last a lifetime!

Walking onto the land for the first time with Andy, my husband, last week was pretty special and I thank God for every precious day that has led us to that moment.  

As we begin to see the land cleared, foundations laid and a new building arise it makes me think of how our new centre will be there for everyone who needs us…to help clear away past mistakes and hurts, lay new foundations of self-worth and see people re-build their lives as God intended – with hope, trust and incredible purpose for their future. 

I am incredibly thankful to all of you who have journey with me and Oasis during this period and for your continued support.