The Oasis Coffee Club

Here at Oasis, community is at the heart of everything we do. Recent events have meant a dramatic change for all of us and whilst “Lock-Down” protects us from the spread of COVID-19 it makes life so much harder for our Oasis family, resulting in further isolation, vulnerability and hardship.

Coffee, cake and community, what more do we need? Introducing the “The Oasis  Coffee Club”. We might not be able to meet up for a brew and a biscuit, but we can still use our weekly coffee catch-ups for good. At Oasis we’re encouraging you to keep distant but stay connected on apps like FaceTime and Skype, and donate the money you would have normally spent on your weekly coffee and cake to the Oasis Centre. These generous donations will help us continue to deliver vital essentials to those in East Manchester communities.

Oasis started with the vision of a building pumping God’s love into the communities of East Manchester, this month our new building was due to open and be the centre that we had dreamed of all those years ago. Unfortunately in these extraordinary times The Oasis Centre has been forced to close it’s doors, however as a collective the colleagues of Oasis continue to work around the clock to keep pumping God’s love into the community that we hold so close to our hearts.

Oasis will continue to be a lifeline, helping the most vulnerable and marginalised people in the East Manchester and Gorton area by delivering emergency food packs and boredom-busting educational tools, while continuing to provide critical crisis support to those who need it most. At Oasis we pride ourselves on hands-on support to everyone who walks into our centre, those with mental health difficulties, suffering with addiction, facing eviction, debt problems, asylum seekers and those who are homeless, these are the people who will suffer the most throughout the Coronavirus pandemic. At Oasis we know that every single person matters which is why we will continue to offer support and stability to all our clients. To be able to continue the work we’re looking for regular donations that will help us fill our essential emergency food packs, just £12 helps us to feed an individual.

A typical food pack given out to the individuals who we support

The average person in the UK spends around £3 a week/£12 a month on their coffee rituals, whether they’re meeting up with friends or trying to stay awake on the daily commute. By joining the “The Oasis Coffee Club” and donating the money you would usually spend on coffee and cake to Oasis each month, we can provide vital essentials for those in our communities who need it most, during and after this Coronavirus crisis. We’re encouraging you to get together with family and friends and host your own virtual “Oasis Coffee Mornings” on apps like FaceTime, Skype, Zoom and House-party, helping us to continue to care for our community, and bring a little light to people in these uncertain times.

We understand that for many people right now, giving financially is not an option. So if you can’t support Oasis financially but would like to partner with Oasis you can help us by praying for the following things:

  • God’s provision for the centre during this time
  • For comfort and peace to those facing financial hardship, isolation and those who are vulnerable
  • An end to the Coronavirus

Stay happy and healthy, from everyone at Oasis.