The Joy of all seasons!

As we head into the midst of May I am reminded of the predictability of our amazing seasons.  Winter is well and truly behind us. It’s hard to remember the days when we were wrapped up, not wanting to venture out into the freezing cold.  Gone are the days of icy mornings, stark winter trees and dark afternoons.  Now we can enjoy blue skies, bird song, and blossom.

It’s incredible how our 4 seasons reflect our lives.  We have all walked through bitter, cold, and challenging times, where all we see around us is loss, sorrow or lack.  These times can easily feel like they are with us forever.  The anxiety of walking into trauma like Autumn leaves of hope, joy, and a beautiful future falling to the ground as if dead.  Times when we are deep in Winter months of sorrow, where we just can’t see an end to our pain.  BUT Spring always comes - buds of possibilities, a break in the clouds, a settling down of the storm and a season where we can catch our breath and re-evaluate.  Then Summer comes in its full beauty. Time to celebrate that the dark times are over, and a new beginning has begun.  In the bible it tells us to mourn when our neighbour is mourning and celebrate when our neighbour is rejoicing (Romans12v15).  These seasons of life we go through are meant to be journeyed, understood, and worked out in community.  A mountain can feel too steep and rocky when we climb it alone.  Thoughts of giving up there and then seem our only option.  We can stumble and fall and totally lose our way if not for the community around us, calling out with the truth that “it will not always be like this – Spring is coming, Summer is on its way!!”.  Without people around us encouraging us when the sky has gone dark, we could freeze in discouragement.  It’s also true in times of plenty and delight.  Yes, thank God the bad times have past, but we miss out in abundance when we don’t have people around us to celebrate with, share our bounty or process the journey with.  We are created to do it all in community. 

I could tell you countless stories of where Oasis has been a listening ear, comforter, provider, and an encourager when someone has found themselves in the storms of life.  I could also tell of decades of rejoicing, when someone has been given keys to a home after being homeless, journeyed out of crippling debt or addiction, been accepted onto a course, or found employment after years of nos and setbacks. 

But I want to tell you about how the Oasis family have walked with me through my recent storm of cancer.  After a few preventative major operations, I was hit with the news last September that my cancer had come back, and I needed a further operation and chemotherapy.  This news came after watching my dearest sister go through chemotherapy twice and before finding out at our precious daughter’s 20-week scan that our first grandchild had a rare and life-threatening heart condition.  I am very blessed to have such a close and loving family. I am also blessed to have the family of Oasis – who in this darkest storm stepped in with love and understanding in abundance. From my trustees, staff, volunteers, people who call Oasis their second home to our funders, partners, and supporters, I received it all – cards, flowers, encouraging scriptures, prayer, hot meals, a shoulder to cry on, outrageous gifts, wisdom, and genuine cheers of joy when my treatment came to an end.

From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU to all of you who have selflessly shown me love and walked with me through these Winter months. It’s wonderful to know whoever we are and whatever we are going through Oasis is here for all of us when we need a helping hand, an encouraging word, and that unconditional love to get us through!