The Importance of Partnership

Oasis is where it is today because of partnership.

Before we even opened our doors, Victoria and her small team partnered with God to show unconditional love to a forgotten and hurting community.

Since then we have had the privileged of partnering with individuals, churches, organisations, businesses and philanthropists who have caught our vision – to bring about positive and lasting change, hope and stability for the communities of Gorton and East Manchester.

Not only have people believed in us, trusted us and supported us but they have shared their lives with us too…becoming lifelong friends.  What an exciting journey it is to love our neighbour and put others first!

One of the reasons why we love partnership so much is because from day one we caught hold of a valuable truth…we don’t have all the answers and we can’t do it on our own.  That’s a very refreshing and freeing truth!

Our latest educational trip shows the power and beauty of partnership. 

 In March we took a group of Oasis clients on a journey to Narnia after completing The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe novel in English. We found out that Hull Community Church, 2 and a half hours away in…yeah you guessed it…Hull were hosting an incredible Narnia experience with a full-size Aslan and an Ice Queen! What an opportunity, but what a distance and the only day we could go was the day that the Narnia exhibition was closed to the public!!

Last year Victoria heard about this inspirational guy called Phil Hitchen, the founder and MD of Belle Vue Coaches.   He was brought up in Gorton and knew the deprivation we, as the community of Gorton, have faced for decades. We invited Phil down to the centre to meet the amazing people we serve.  Phil got hold of the Oasis vision straight away and offered his help! 

“Ian Bragg and myself are from Gorton. We saw the depressed state and the decline of our home town over the years. It upset us. We’re not evangelists but knew something had to be done. When we were approached by Victoria we decided to make some effort to give something back in some small way and help develop a small contribution to help Oasis reach their goals. I used to play football at the Angel Pub across the road from Oasis, scoring the goal that won us the league in the 1997-98 season and I often describe Victoria as ‘the angel of Gorton.’ We are so pleased of the remarkable work Oasis does which has a positive effect on the people in the community”. Phil Hitchen 


When we priced up a trip to Hull for the day, it was totally out of our budget…so we turned to Phil and his amazing team at Belle Vue Coaches.  Without hesitation Phil offered us his best coach and Dennis…the most welcoming coach driver we’ve ever met – all for free!

Then, if that wasn’t enough of a blessing Anne Dannerolle (co-leader of Hull Community Church) decided to open the exhibition on their only day off JUST FOR OASIS!

“We had an extra special opening of Narnia today for the Oasis Centre, a charity from Gorton in Manchester.  Life has not been easy for this amazing group of men and women, and to see them crowned as kings and queens was so moving and special”. Anne Dannerolle

Now let’s see what partnership feels like to the people we are so thrilled to serve:

“That was a wonderful that trip!  I learnt so much.  It was brilliant that Belle Vue Coaches took us,  We all loved Dennis.  I want to say thank you to the people that made this happen. It’s a good memory I won’t forget”. Oasis client

“I thought the Hull Church people were amazing, they looked after us and made us feel special.  Dennis was great, he drove us all the way to Hull and back. It was great getting out of Gorton for the day!” Oasis client

“I enjoyed it all!  The drive down, we had such a laugh!  The Narnia story came to life.  I enjoyed going down the slide and being made to feel like a King for the day!” Oasis client

It’s a very special thing when people get together to help other people. 

“There has been no effect on us or the business other than we now appreciate the problems and challenges Oasis has and it has concentrated our enthusiasm to try and make a small contribution”. Phil Hitchen

A massive thank you to the individuals, churches, organisations, businesses and philanthropists who have stood with us down the years and helped us change lives for the better.