The Surprising Impact of Poverty

There are some effects of poverty that are well known and easy to see. But poverty can have a much greater impact on people than we often realise.



Have you ever thought about what effect having nothing has, not just in terms of what you can buy, but in every area of life?

In a  study in the Netherlands, envelopes containing cheques were mis-delivered to homes in wealthy and poorer areas. The study found that the wealthier homes were more likely to return the cheque quickly. It is a trivial example, but the scientists concluded that because of the pressure and stress caused by their difficult financial situation, even a simple task became a much bigger challenge. 

Poverty, as well as causing problems in its own right, can become so all-consuming that it makes everything else so much more difficult. 


At the Oasis Centre, we see the potential in people. 

When people walk through our doors overwhelmed by the pressures of life, we know that this is not a reflection on the person themselves, but a product of their circumstances. 

We understand that in most cases there isn​'t a single magic bullet that can solve a person's problems in one go. Instead, people are wrestling with a whole range of problems that are more connected than it seems.

Our approach at Oasis is to provide holistic support. As we get to know our clients and develop relationships with them, we can go on a journey with them where we start by providing the immediate support needed for the presenting crisis, and then begin to look at how to address the underlying challenges and build a better future. 

This is why we have our four linked programmes (RE-BUILD, RE-ENGAGE, RE-SKILL and RE-START), it is why we are going for our new centre so that we can do even more​ and it is why many people think of the Oasis Centre as a Godsend.

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