"Silence speaks when words can't."

Did you know that the average person speaks around 16,000 words every single day. This average is the same for men as it is for women. Apparently about 60% of the time we are talking about ourselves, and over the course of a lifetime we spend around 5 months discussing the weather.

This week, some of our amazing clients have been bucking these trends and have been keeping quiet for a good cause. 

On Monday and Tuesday, Peter, Lee, Linda and Allan did a two-day sponsored silence to raise money for the Oasis Centre. During this time they didn't say a word for as long as the centre was open, and they were not allowed to write, sign or even read.

We love them to bits, and we are proud of them for their accomplishments and grateful for the money that they raised for the cause. 

Their silence speaks volumes.

If you would like to know more about fundraising for the Oasis Centre, please email