A common catalyst for the visit by a resident to the Oasis Centre is their need to address a crisis situation. We therefore offer support to address the prevalent crises, as means of encouraging contact with the centre. This currently consists of:

  • Emergency Provision - we have both a process for self-referral and a system of referrals from other agencies such as Job Centre Plus, local G.P.s, housing providers, churches and schools. These clients are often in desperate need of food and clothing, so we provide nutritious emergency food packs and good quality clothing packs.
  • Cafe - The Oasis Centre is open four days each week, and it includes a free cafe providing hot nutritious, well-balanced breakfasts and lunches to individuals and families.
  • Charity Shop - We provide clients with the opportunity to access affordable clothing and other items, through our 'pop-up' charity shop in the centre.

It is always our aim to respond to the fundamental, root causes of these critical situations, and experience has shown us that this is far more likely to be possible once trust has been established through our initial response to the crisis.

This currently consists of:

  • CRISIS Support Team - clients are given access to support from the crisis support team and they are also directed to other relevant agencies and services who can help address the root causes of their 'emergency' needs, e.g. issues with debt, housing, benefits, addiction, mental health and physical health. Many of our clients display multi-stranded problems and require extensive support to identify and address their long term needs.


The RE-BUILD programme is co-ordinated by Rhys Massey, who started at The Oasis Centre as a member of the Crisis Support team. Rhys excelled in this role and stepped into coordinating the programme in 2023.

"My role at Oasis is not just sorting out problems but with every session I'm gifted the opportunity to get to know someone new, to build something with and get to know their beautiful quirks, talents and personalities. I'm given the chance to love individuals that the world has rejected; now that's a real privilege." 

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