So much of the fantastic work that happens at the Oasis Centre is due to our team of amazing volunteers. 

As well as our in-house volunteer placement scheme, where we provide volunteering opportunities in the Oasis Centre for our clients to help them get ready to return to work, we are also privileged to work with a significant number of external volunteers.

When you join our volunteer team, the benefits will include:

  • ​The fulfilment that comes with playing your part in seeing many lives transformed.
  • Knowing that you are part of something bigger than yourself, and being a member of an incredible team.
  • The opportunity to make life-long friends.
  • Real work experience to boost your C.V.

Several of our current staff team started their Oasis journeys as volunteers at the centre and loved it so much that they wanted to stay on! (Of course, we can't promise jobs to all of our volunteers - as much as we wish we could).

Please be aware that due to the vulnerable nature of some of our clients, we do ask for a minimum of a six month commitment from volunteers at the Oasis Centre.


We currently have vacancies for volunteers in the following roles:

  • Working in our charity shop
  • Kitchen staff
  • Running group activities


To talk more about the role you could play at the Oasis Centre, or to apply to be a volunteer, please email us using the link below.


Everything that we do at Oasis is funded by the generosity of our financial supporters. 

Oasis does not receive government funding, and whilst we do have access to a few grants, the bulk of our income comes from the gifts of ordinary people - who choose to use what they have to make a difference in the lives of others.

Most of our supporters are not super-wealthy, and regular gifts start at just a few pounds (though if you are super-wealthy and want to help, then we definitely wouldn't say no!)

What your gift can do

  • £10 per month will pay for an emergency food pack for an Oasis client for a week.
  • £30 per month will pay for an emergency food pack, which will feed a family of four for one week.
  • £50 per month will pay for one day of community support, helping our most vulnerable and isolated clients living and sleeping rough in Gorton and East Manchester.
  • £75 per month will pay for a day's rent for our Oasis Centre premises.
  • £100 per month will pay for a week's nutritious food and refreshments from our free cafe, which serves over 50 people per day. For some this will be the only proper hot meal they eat all week.
  • It costs the Oasis Centre £276 per client to help them journey through out 4 structured programmes of support. Bargain!


The Oasis Centre is an unashamedly Christian organisation. 

We believe that with God everything is possible, and so we highly value prayer in all that we do.

Would you commit to praying for the Oasis Centre on a regular basis?

Current Prayer points

At the moment, we would love prayer for:

  • We are currently working with several people struggling with addictions. Please pray for them.

  • Pray for our work club. We are currently helping over 75 people find work.

  • Pray as we continue to find funds to ensure the future sustainability of the centre.

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