Oasis wins The Centre for Social Justice Awards!

The Oasis Centre was honoured in Westminster last week for being one of the UK’s most effective grassroots charities transforming the lives of people in poverty.

Victoria Armstrong (our Founder) and Paul Redamo (our Centre Director) had the privilege of representing Oasis at The CSJ Awards held in Westminster with 17 other incredible charities from across the United Kingdom.


There were only 4 winners for the whole of the UK and Oasis was one of them!

Victoria had the opportunity to tell the story of Oasis to 180 guests from government, journalists and the business world.

‘The response to our story was quite incredible and very moving.  The Rt Hon Sir Iain Duncan Smith MP came up to me and gave me a massive hug, saying how moved he was by the work we are doing here in Gorton and offered his support.  It brought me back to the reality of all the people who support the work we do here in Gorton…like a massive hug week in and week out, helping us help the most forgotten, isolated and vulnerable in our society’.

     -Victoria Armstrong

'What an amazing privilege to be able to represent the Oasis Centre and its amazing community at these awards.  Often the only voices heard are the loudest, whilst at these awards the Centre of Social Justice has given Oasis a voice among those who genuinely have an opportunity to strategically change things for the better right across our land. Humbled at the opportunities given to us.'

      -Paul Redamo

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Thank you once again for your love and support helping Oasis rebuild broken lives, and helping bring justice to our society!