Oasis Summer Holiday

In July it was our annual day trip out, the Oasis holiday in a day!  This is the highlight of the Oasis year and a huge reward for those working so hard in the Centre to improve their lives.  For some it is volunteering in the kitchen or shop as part of our Next Step programme, for others it might be working hard to learn English in our ESOL classes or working on reading or maths in our education classes, for others it might be working to get work skills in our Work Club, but for all this trip is an amazing way to recognise their hard work and progress.

We had a wonderful day out.  We sailed on the Mersey Ferries ‘Razzle Dazzle’ and observed the riverside, learnt about the Liver Building, the new Everton stadium, how WW2 affected Liverpool and enjoyed the wind buffeting us with the taste of sea air! We then travelled under the River Mersey in the Wallasey Tunnel - a new experience for many, and then headed to New Brighton.  We had ice cream, enjoyed the sea, beach and rock pools and generally enjoyed the British seaside.

I'm going to handover to some of our Oasis family to tell you what they enjoyed:

“It was the best day.  I can’t remember how many decades ago was when I last went on a boat but it was so fun to be on the water and get blown by the wind and see all the sights”

“Everything and more was thought of for the trip. I have a disability and can’t walk very far but my mobility scooter fitted on the coach so I could go everywhere with everyone and I was just so grateful that I could access everything and be part of the trip.”

“It was only a day but felt much longer and it was so lovely to see so many different people enjoying the day together.   Most people have never been to Liverpool and some had never left Manchester but everyone loved it and in all the photos people are laughing and smiling.  I love my Oasis family!”

“I haven’t left Manchester in over 10 year and never been to Liverpool so this was like a dream.  I love the Beatles music and we saw the statues and I got to stand next to John Lennon!  Now when I hear the music, I think I’ve been there!”

“I have looked for this trip all year.  I love going new place with all my family Oasis.  The beach was so funny but the sea was so cold and we laughed a lot.  I like to laugh and forget the bad things.  I am sad often but never at Oasis and I love memories all together and fun.”

“I have lived in Manchester since I arrived in the UK.  I have never been outside of Manchester for those 5 years and so this was amazing.  Liverpool was so beautiful and I loved being on the beach and among friends.  It really was amazing, the best day of the year and probably my favourite ever day in the UK.”

“I was really nervous about going on the ferry and I was shaking before I got on it but I loved it once it was going.  I even went up to the front and the wind blown my hair all over my face.  The road tunnel bit was so scary, I didn’t think the coach would fit but we made it.  It was such a great day, I loved it all and can’t wait for the next trip.”

“Thank-you, thank-you Oasis for this amazing day trip!”