441 Emergency food parcels delivered to 'sheltered' residents

2852 Emergency food parcels collected by people suffering food poverty

The Oasis cafe is a lifeline to many people in the community who are vulnerable and disadvantaged. We would normally provide nutritious meals from our free cafe.  In the first 3 months of 2020 we had already served over 2,500 hot breakfasts and lunches but overnight we had to close this service. As a result, we scaled up our emergency food provision to provide food parcels for people who would normally use our free café to make ends meet and stay healthy. In our food parcels, we aim to provide enough food to last a household one week. We have also delivered food parcels to residents under the COVID-19 ‘shelter’ scheme and those who have lost their jobs due to COVID-19 and lockdown.

"I know Oasis has and continues to be a valuable and much needed point of support for the whole community and surrounding area.  The Oasis Staff go above and beyond for anyone in need of their help or support, they are approachable, helpful and non-judgmental towards any situations. I cannot thank the Centre or staff enough for all they do and look forward to working alongside them in the future”. Teacher from Briscoe Lane Academy

Family A has recently been placed into shared homeless accommodation, and have no resource to public funds.  There is mum, a primary-aged child and a recent new-born who has been diagnosed with a serious illness. They are living, sleeping and bathing in a single room and have use of a shared kitchen located downstairs. We have been supporting this family especially during this pandemic by doing welfare calls and home visits and helping mum and children where we can.  With the help and support of the Oasis Centre we have been able to offer and deliver food parcels on a regular basis and even a pram for the baby which mum did not have.  Oasis has also offered this family a point of contact to a befriending service.

"I can’t tell you how thankful I am for all the food you give me.  It’s a lifeline. They work so hard in there for so many people. Without your food packs we wouldn’t have enough to eat” - Oasis Client