"Every week I’m waiting for my activity pack.  It’s the only thing to look forward to at the moment!  I know that when I’m doing it, it will feel normal again and I don’t have to think about all the things you hear on the news”  Glen

Education & Well-being

1861 Activity packs delivered to isolated and vulnerable adults and families

642 Phone calls to Oasis clients relieving loneliness and seclusion

We recognised that isolation and loneliness were going to be massive factors during this unprecedented time. In the first 3 months of 2020 280 people had already engaged in our education, work club and volunteering programmes.  To help people cope with boredom, isolation, and loneliness we have been producing weekly activity packs. As well as continuing with literacy and numeracy exercises that would have taken place in the centre, we have provided people with the resources to grow their own vegetables, create homemade ornaments, cards and gifts to keep and give to family and friends. We also provide regular phone calls to isolated people ensuring they are well and to help identify any additional needs they may have.

The weekly activity packs have proved invaluable to those suffering with loneliness, boredom and isolation. We have delivered 1,861 since the start of lockdown, with a range of resources from numeracy and literacy, to crafts, art, gardening and gifts.

Abebi escaped domestic violence and moved to Gorton in February 2020. She knew no-one in the Manchester area, and arrived completely alone, and struggling with severe depression and trauma. She started coming to Oasis every day, and we were very concerned about her mental health when lockdown arrived. She immediately signed up to receive activity packs and each one has been gratefully received. She sends us regular emails showing us things she's done that she's proud of and showing off her creative nature with the craft projects. She was terrified of isolation but says the regular activity packs and having someone who texts or speaks to her regularly from the centre means she's surprised by how well she has got through lockdown.

"I love my activity packs. Many many times I've opened it and cried, just to know someone is thinking of you enough to write to you every week. Some weeks there's been little treats or craft packs or cards from children saying they're thinking and praying for me and I can't believe people would do that for me, thank you so so much, I really mean that, I'm just so grateful”. Tracy