Oasis Christmas Message

As I write December’s blog the sun is shining, the sky is blue, yet it’s freezing.

My car is frozen over, my fingers and toes are cold, and I can’t seem to get warm.  The temperature outside reads -3.

It’s funny that is often not the image we’re given of this season .... is it?  It’s normally roaring fires, warm coloured lights, hot chocolate and festive feasts, but for many the thought of this leaves them cold.

The sun may be shining, but the warmth of the season is just too far away.

There will be no roaring fire because they can’t afford the energy bills.  There will be no coloured lights as last years are broken and they can’t afford to be replaced, and hot chocolate isn’t a necessity and what kind of feast can you have when you only have a microwave to heat meals up?

For many of our community in East Manchester that’s their reality of this season and it leaves them cold.But I’m reminded once again that this season isn’t about those things that we are fed through our media, but about the simple and incredible story of life – the birth of Jesus.

This story has changed the course of humanity and has impacted our world like no other story, and it continues to do so.

The story of God coming to earth, living and breathing among us, offering love, hope and forgiveness.

Welcoming the stranger, loving the neighbour and including the lost, the least and the lonely.

The story of this season is one of joy that can warm the coldest of hearts.

And so at Oasis we will continue to serve our community as best as we can - showing the love that we have been shown, welcoming that stranger, loving that neighbour and including those who are lost and those feeling the least and lonely.

May your hearts be warmed once again in a season that can often leave us cold, that this message of Christmas is actually filled with joy and wonder and is open to all.

Have a wonderful Christmas and thank you for all your support.

Paul (Oasis Centre Director)

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