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FROM inexperience to volunteering

Many of our clients have struggled to find value in the community they live in, they need to find opportunities to show their worth. Through our NEXT STEP programme, we provide a safe and encouraging setting to volunteer and become part of our Oasis team.

  • MENTORING AND SUPPORT – A tailor-made programme which helps clients to reach their full potential through 1-2-1 support, training, team building, and self-esteem workshops. It aims to promote self-worth, develop motivation and aspirations and encourage independence, all of which are important factors in obtaining employment.
  • VOLUNTEERING OPPORTUNITIES - clients are given the opportunity to develop the skills necessary for a functional lifestyle and successful employment. We introduce them to being part of a team and bringing additional knowledge, skills and experience in retail and undertaking a wide range of roles customer care.


The NEXT STEP programme is co-ordinated by Val Clarke. Val has over 20 years’ experience in shop management and mentoring.  She first started working at the Oasis Centre as a volunteer, helping to run our free cafe.

"It's a joy to be working with loving, friendly people and  knowing that God is at work in what we do and through the centre he is changing people's lives." Val Clarke Next Step Coordinator

The NEXT STEP catering programme is co-ordinated by Sarah Hargreaves.

"I'm really excited to be a part of the Oasis family. The Next Step volunteers are amazing and I hope by supporting them as they grow in confidence and ability I can help make a difference in their lives" - Sarah Hargreaves

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