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the oasis centre is a lifeline for many people

we help hundreds of people each month - including families on benefits, long-term unemployed people, asylum seekers and refugees, homeless people, ex-offenders and those struggling with drug or alcohol addictions and mental health issues

the oasis centre


929 Hyde Road, Gorton, manchester, m18 7FB


monday - Friday - 09:30 - 2pm

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  • Community Support
  • Belonging
  • Learning
  • Work Club
  • Volunteering

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If you want to try volunteering but haven’t done it before then our Next Step programme is perfect for you!

We have volunteering opportunities in our kitchen and shop and you will get individual support from Val & Esther. We will work at your pace to make sure you feel comfortable but we know that you will soon be unstoppable as you move on in your volunteering journey!

If you want to get involved in our next step programme why not come down and get to know us and chat to Sarah & Val about joining the Next Step.


phone: 0161 529 5508 

email: (any time)


If you are working with another organisation and would like to refer a client to the Oasis Centre, please ask them to drop in during our opening hours (09:30am-2pm, Monday-Thursday).

In the case of particularly vulnerable clients, please ensure that a member of your team accompanies them on their first visit to the Oasis Centre.

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