Kate’s Story

The Oasis Centre is all about helping people become part of their community - people like Kate.

Kate first came into The Oasis Centre a few years ago when a neighbour said to her “You should try Oasis, you’ll like it there”.  Kate had recently moved to Gorton and was struggling with loneliness.  “It wasn’t good for me spending a lot of time on my own, I need to be around people”. 

Kate had been a midwife and a nurse and had enjoyed years of caring for people.  When she retired Kate longed to feel part of a community again.  “I loved Oasis from day one.  It was so friendly, and everyone was interested in each other.  There was a sense of community and peace that I was longing for”.

Kate jumped straight into our RE-SKILL program and joined in with maths, English and the craft workshops.  “Oasis is more than just a place to hang out, it offered me friendship and challenged my thinking.  I learnt lots of new things and my confidence grew!”

Kate joined our volunteer scheme and worked in the free café.  She then joined our charity shop where we provide good quality and cheap items to individuals and families to help relieve poverty. Kate is dedicated to Oasis and has a passion to see other people just like her given the care, love and support she has been given.

“I love volunteering in the Charity Shop.  It is so much fun and I love seeing people get a bargain.  It’s great that our shop was set up to help people and it also offers emergency provision for people in desperate need.  When I’m not volunteering at Oasis I’m learning at Oasis.  I’ve also started a tablet course here to help me navigate the internet and improve my IT knowledge”.

Kate couldn’t imagine her life without Oasis and neither could Oasis!