Holistic Support Matters

At The Oasis Centre we want to care and see transformation in every area of someones life, not just a segment.

Every day we see people who have a variety of needs and issues which are often layered and need a wholesome approach to be able to resolve them. 

As humans by design are very complex, the issues that we face also tend to be. This is why at The Oasis Centre we offer support for a variety of issues through our four linked projects: RE-Build, RE-Engage, RE-Skill and RE-Start.

These four projects are designed so that we are able to bring holistic support to an individual all under the same roof.

Kumar and Rashmi’s story

Kumar, along with his family had recently moved to Manchester having come from Italy and before then Sri Lanka. When Kumar and his wife, Rashmi, first came to the centre they came to see the RE-Build team wanting help with understanding how the welfare system in the UK worked and help applying for any benefits that they may be entitled to.

Due to the unique way that we run the centre and through conversation with the crisis support team Kumar and Rashmi realised that they could get more than just help with applying for applicable benefits.

Before they left, Kumar was introduced to the Work Club and had a personalised CV written for him and received help looking for and applying for jobs online. Meanwhile, Rashmi had been given information about the ESOL classes and was eager to get involved.

Just a couple months on from when we first met Kumar and Rashmi we have helped them apply for tax credits, given them information on how the school admissions system works and we are delighted to announce that Kumar has found employment and Rashmi is progressing well in ESOL.

By providing a host of services simultaneously we are able to walk with clients to bring whole and long lasting solutions to the issues that they come to the centre with. 

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Please note that the names of people in this post have been changed to protect their privacy.