As summer hits and covid seems to be abating enough to enjoy a summer holiday, I’m sure many of us are planning and taking our holidays.  Here in Oasis, holiday talk can be a tricky thing.  For some, holidays are not something they’ve ever been privileged enough to experience, for others they are a reminder of holidays with people who are now faraway.  Every year we try and run a trip that is a ‘holiday in a day’ for some of our Oasis community who have worked hard this year in our Next Step programme, work club and education classes and this year 40 of us went to Blackpool.  The clients would love to tell you about their day:

“We went on a coach and everyone was singing like a trip from school.  We went up the Blackpool Tower, and walked on the glass floor and could see right down to the North Pier and Walk of Fame.  We had fish and chips and then some of us went on the beach and some went to the shops and some went to the pier and the arcades.  We had a great day!”

“It’s 24 years ago since I’ve been on a day trip anywhere.  I loved feeding the seagulls and we had such a good laugh, I loved being out of Gorton.”

“I loved being on trip with my family.  My family all in Syria, now Oasis they are my family and I love to go trip with my Oasis family.  It was the best day since I came here, many days I cry but not this day, we laugh and laugh.

“I was so surprised I made it up the tower as I am scared of heights but I proved to myself that I can do it.  I even went right to the top and walked on the glass floor.  I said I’d never even get in the lift but there I am at the very top and everyone walking below looked like ants.”

“The last time I went out of Manchester was 3 years ago when I went with Oasis to Llandudno.  I loved how it was loads of us that went and it was a combined group of everyone at Oasis and we all enjoyed it together.  I loved the 4D show of the building of the tower, I was sure that seagull was going to hit my eye!”

“The funniest bit was watching some of the ladies going in the sea.  One of them went right out fully clothed and she was laughing and so were we.  We were joking with her that she was lucky because we were right by the lifeboat station!”

“I went in the sea.  First time I have been to the sea in UK after 8 years here.  I loved it and want to go now every day to Blackpool to have fun with my family in Oasis.  I have many pictures and I send to my family in Kuwait and Jordan and Egypt and they all love it to see me happy and smiling.”

“It’s given me the best memories, I absolutely loved it and can’t thank Oasis enough for organising it.  I’ve never felt so happy and free in years”.

As you can see, we had an amazing day, blessed by great weather and good friends.

Oasis on Tour 2022!