Getting Healthy

A few weeks ago, Heath Cole from city council sports and leisure came into Oasis to talk to our clients about their physical health...

In this one-off consultation, Heath spoke to a group of around twenty clients about what they are doing for their physical health at the moment, and how the local provisions on offer work for them and what else could be provided.

We love hosting this kind of consulatation as it empowers our clients and gives them the opportunity to be heard and make suggestions that could benefit the entire community. It is also a great chance for our clients to hear about what is going on beyond the centre. 

Reflecting on his time at Oasis, Heath says, "Oasis offer us a way of reaching people that we are unlikely to otherwise reach through any other mechanism, they provide a safe and trusted venue where people can speak freely and feel confident they are heard. No other third sector partner has provided us such an active audience and in such high numbers as Oasis. Surely, a testament to their individual focused approach, each and every person I've met feels at home here and that Oasis and the staff and volunteers are there for them, which of course they are."

We will be looking to offer more such consultations in the future.