Easter Hope

Easter, it’s a strange thing to celebrate really isn’t it? Especially if we take away the chocolate easter eggs, the easter bunny and bank holidays!
Because when it comes down to it a part of Easter is about a miscarriage of justice, it’s about cruelty and crosses and crucifixions. It’s about fear and loss and hopes dashed and emotions strained! Not much to celebrate really.

But then, that’s not the end story, because it ends with hope and life and resurrection and hope.

There are many who come to the Oasis Centre whose story is also one of injustice and cruelty. Full of fear and loss and hopes dashed.  Yet we are determined to celebrate with them as we long for, and see, their situations and circumstances turn around.  Because we believe that this doesn’t have to be their end story.  Because we believe in the resurrection.  

And so, we cling to the hope that we have, we show the love that we have been shown and we believe that the most dreadful of circumstances can be turned around and that what seems so dead can be brought to life.

Happy Easter to you all and thanks for all your support.

p.s We had lots of fun at our Oasis Easter party - there were games, food, chocolate, laughter and even a visit from the easter bunny!