Easter Message

You can’t help but notice that our world is broken.  I’m not just saying from an environmental point of view, although we can all see how things are getting worse, but just from a human point of view. There's so much violence, so much greed, so much injustice, so much hurt and pain and death. And the story of Easter reminds me of this.

Not that I’m a negative person or I thrive off doom and gloom, but the story of Easter is a reminder of how broken our world is. The story is filled with violence and greed and injustice.  It’s covered in hurt and pain and death and yet the story doesn’t end there, it ends with Jesus risen from the dead. Death was not, and cannot be, the final story. There are other chapters to be written and to be told.

And so, the story of Easter reminds me that no matter how broken the world is, the Son of God had entered that world, endured that world, and conquered that world. He endured so that we too can endure. He persevered so that we too can persevere.  He died so that we can live.

At Oasis, that story of violence and greed and injustice plays out everyday in the community that we serve here, but our prayer is that one day, they too can see a better day, that they too can begin to understand that their story has not yet ended and that they too can know they can have better chapters ahead.

Romans 6:4b 

'And just as Jesus was raised from the dead by the glorious power of the Father, now we also may live new lives.'

Paul (Oasis Centre Director)