Like many around the world, many of our Oasis community were watching the Coronation of King Charles III.  Once those festivities were over, attention very much turned to the Oasis Coronation which took place on the 11th May.  We had our own King and Queen, complete with a procession of police outriders (upgraded mobility scooters), a royal carriage (also an updated mobility scooter), a royal guard on horseback (a hobby horse admittedly!) and 2 further royal guards!  It caused quite a commotion on Hyde Road as they formed their procession and met with great fanfare as they processed through the Centre to their thrones.  We sang the National Anthem, played a variety of fete games (hotly contested hook a duck and bean bag toss!), a royal treasure hunt, a splendid afternoon tea (thanks to Sarah and her amazing team for that) and even Coronation bingo.  All in a room, bedecked in red, white, and blue and with a wall display completed by all in the centre celebrating the Coronation.

We had the privilege of handing out crowns to every member of our wonderful community that came in.  For so many in our community, they have been downtrodden over the years and think very little of themselves.  Once they had put on a crown, people stood a little taller, smiled more easily and looked like they were ready to party.  Making people feeling loved and valued is such an important part of what we do at Oasis and is always so encouraging to see people really letting go of life’s worries and throwing themselves into fun and silliness.  Parties are always fond memories for our community, and this is one that will be much discussed in the coming years by the 120 people that attended.