Oasis Coast to Coast 2020

The Challenge


During the month of September we are asking you to join us for Oasis' first Coast-to-Coast Virtual Challenge!

  • Walk, run, cycle or swim (or a combination of all 4!)
  • Go solo, with a friend or as a team
  • Cover 300 kilometres (the distance from St. Bees in Cumbria across three National Parks to Robin Hood’s Bay in North Yorkshire) averaging 10k a day over 30 days
  • Take part either indoors or outdoors, from walking around your neighborhood, to hiking in the countryside. Take part your way!
  • You can sign up as a fundraiser or make a single donation and take part
  • Get fit, have fun and enjoy a challenge!

 Track your progress

Join our Facebook Group: 'Oasis' Coast-to Coast Vitual Challenge', post your progress and photos of you on the challenge. At the end of each week we will post our favourite submissions on our main Facebook page. 

your 300km will change lives

The Oasis Centre is a lifeline to over 150 people a week including homeless people, those struggling with addiction or mental illness, ex-offenders, refugees and asylum seekers, families living on benefits and long-term unemployed. Our day centre offers; emergency food and clothing, crisis support, a free café offering hot meals, low-cost charity shop, education, work skills club, group and leisure activities, volunteer placement scheme and careers advice.

Our essential services will be vital to even more people in need due to the effect of the pandemic. Unfortunately, due to social distancing, our usual ways of fundraising are limited which is why we’re asking you to join us on our virtual challenge to raise funds and change lives. It would be great if you could join us or sponsor someone who is taking part in the challenge.

However you choose to complete your Coast-to-Coast Challenge the money you raise will be a lifeline to the most needy in East Manchester. Let’s journey together, make a difference and help restore broken lives!

Sign up as a Fundraiser

  • Set your own target (minimum £50)
  • We will set you up a donations page on Stewardship
  • Personalise your page with an image and a message

Sign up with a one off donation

  • Minimum donation £15
  • Want to take part without fundraising?
  • Make a one off donation and join the challenge

Find out more about oasis

What we do

The Oasis Centre is a community project working with vulnerable and disadvantaged people in Gorton, East Manchester, and is a lifeline to over 150 people a week including the homeless, those struggling with addiction and mental illness, long-term unemployed, ex-offenders, refugees and asylum seekers. Anyone who walks through our doors will be helped and loved, whatever their background and circumstances – at Oasis everyone counts! We offer structured support to help move people from chaos to stability, from isolation to inclusion, hopelessness to aspiration and from worklessness to employment. Here’s our CEO and Founder, Victoria Armstrong, on how Oasis moves people from brokenness to fullness of life…

If you would like to know how your money is being used by Oasis to support those in need sign up to our email list here.

Our stories

Here at Oasis we provide emergency food and clothing, crisis support, hot meals, a low-cost charity shop, education, group activities, work skills club and much more. We journey through life with each person, accepting and valuing everyone. This is Allan's story, of how he became involved with Oasis and how it helped him…..

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