Celebrating Service!

June was a month of celebrations for our nation. Many of us stopped our usual daily activities to celebrate and appreciate 70 years of service from the Queen to our country and commonwealth. Maybe we enjoyed some time away from work, had a family gathering, joined a street party (with a marmalade sandwich!) or just took the time to relax.

Here at Oasis we too had our own celebrations. We had our very own Jubilee party where the Queen actually put in an appearance! We had a right royal breakfast and a coronation curry for lunch! We made our own flags and decorations, played traditional games and our choir entertained us with multi-lingual songs led by the Halle musicians. We all took it in turns to dress as royalty and have our photos taken on the royal throne. Much fun was had by all of our Oasis family!

On a daily basis we all serve in various ways - to our families, friends, communities, and work-place. I look around at Oasis and I see the selfless service of our staff and volunteers, the endless support or our trustees, funders and people like YOU! Service, inspired by love, is at the very heart of Oasis to bring about transformation in the lives of those that most desperately need family and community; by providing stability, support, advice, understanding and most of all love.

The Bible is full of references about serving, Jesus being a true example of what being servant-hearted really means.  

At Oasis we strive to be servant-hearted, just like Jesus, and to bring His love to those that are in need. It is with your help that we continue to reach out to the most marginalised by transforming lives on a daily basis. Over the past few months we have seen an exponential rise in the need for our Crisis Support as people suffer food and fuel poverty. In the past 6 months we have dealt with 2,340 crisis issues. Our teams are working hard to support all that come to us for help.

We are only able to serve these precious people because of your support for Oasis  THANK YOU as we ALL serve together.