Building Confidence Through Different Means

At The Oasis Centre, we are constantly striving and trying new ways and initiatives to see clients grow in confidence and increase their self-esteem.

A typical client that we see use our services will be one who is short on confidence after neglect, abuse or being persistently let down by those who were meant to be looking after them. 

Over time, this eats away at a persons self belief and results in a whole manner of trust and anxiety issues. 

To help a person overcome this, The Oasis Centre aims to instil confidence in every person that walks through the door. 

Building a persons confidence takes years of support. It requires us to walk with a client and be alongside them during the times they are flourishing and making real progress whilst being that support they need if things start to decline.

One way we build confidence in people is by celebrating the success of the individuals who use our services during a termly awards ceremony.

During our last awards ceremony in July, one client commented how they were thrilled to achieve an award for the first time and wanted to go home and frame it. 

Throughout the year we also have different pieces of topic work going on and in partnership with Acting on Impulse, the clients wrote and starred in a six minute film about what the centre means to them. 

We think the piece is amazing and are so proud of what they have produced and think that you will love it too.