Breaking Barriers to Employment

Through our RE-START programme we aim to move people from worklessness to employment; in doing this we see clients face many barriers stopping them from doing so.

The Long Term Unemployment barrier

Many of the clients who access the RE-START programme are in the midst of long term unemployment. Not only does this provide a barrier when applying for jobs it also creates a massive lack of confidence for the individual. Many employers do not like taking the risk of employing someone who has been unemployed long term due to perceptions that there may be something wrong with their work ethic or a skills gap which meant nobody else has employed them.

The constant rejection, lack of interviews and absence of any feedback results in many clients feeling a sense of worthlessness. This feeling then spirals into an attitude of what’s the point in trying if nobody is going to give me a chance.

At The Oasis Centre, we see the potential in every person that walks into the centre and we want to draw that potential out of them. Through one to one support we can slowly build confidence and increase a person’s feeling of self-worth. The RE-START programme achieves this through our client volunteer scheme.

This scheme allows the clients to gain invaluable work experience which they can put on their CV and grow and develop in confidence. Through mentoring and constant, constructive feedback it enables the volunteer to grow in confidence whilst becoming work ready.

The skills gap barrier

Another barrier that people face when looking for work is a skills gap. The typical skills gaps that we see in the centre include a lack of knowledge and confidence surrounding computers and technology and a language barrier, both written and spoken.

The Oasis Centre’s holistic support model allows people who struggle with written and spoken English to access support for this under the same roof as the work club that they attend. Weekly ESOL and focused English classes are available through our RE-SKILL programme meaning clients can improve their skill set whilst continuing to look for work.

Through one to one and group IT sessions, clients have the opportunity to use a computer, many for whom it is their first time. These opportunities allow a tailored approach to each individual allowing them to learn at their own pace guaranteeing that they can take these skills out of the centre and into the work place.

Unemployment is a challenging and testing time for anybody. Through our four linked programmes we have successfully seen many people move from worklessness to employment and this could only be achieved through our holistic, tailored support model for each individual that walks through the door.