All about the love


February is widely known as the ‘Month of Love’ as Valentine’s Day is universally celebrated. Alongside this on 20th February we celebrated ‘World Day of Social Justice’. Love and justice are at the very heart of Oasis.

At Oasis our desire is to share God’s unconditional love 24/7. We love and support everyone that walks through our doors whatever their needs, background or past. We love, listen and learn from every person that arrives.

As well as loving people well, we represent justice. This was recognised last year as Oasis won an Award from the 'Centre For Social Justice' for being one of the most effective grassroots charities transforming the lives of people in poverty in the UK.

Oasis helps to move people from chaos to stability, isolation to inclusion, hopelessness to aspiration and worklessness to employment. 35 nations are represented and everyone is equal. We aim to bridge gaps and pave the way for people to unlock their potential.

Last month we celebrated the achievements of our Oasis family at our bi-annual Awards Ceremony. Certificates were awarded to 65 amazing people! Some received awards for learning to read and write for the first time in their adult lives, others for learning English as a foreign language. Some received awards for basic Maths and English, touch-typing, basic computing/office skills, history, craft, reading, volunteering on our Next Step Programme and for supporting others to learn.  For some, these are the first certificates they have received in their life. At Oasis we celebrate all achievements, helping people to feel valued, empowered, accepted and loved.

Recently Oasis helped Dave* who is long-term unemployed, has social anxiety, and cannot read or write. He was referred to the Oasis Centre by another work club. Oasis staff gave him one-to-one support with his job-searching and over several months were able to build up a relationship with him. After several months of attending Oasis, Dave revealed to staff that he had been sanctioned by the Job Centre, and hadn’t received any money for four months. Oasis immediately gave him an emergency food pack, and were able to discuss with him what other options he was able to pursue whilst he was still looking for work. Dave was so grateful for the food and revealed that the week before he had been hospitalised for starvation. He continues to look for work, but has also asked if Oasis staff can help him with his literacy - he has since done a few one-to-one sessions to work on his reading. 

*name changed

Heath Cole of Manchester City Council says:
“Without doubt the team at Oasis are the single most influential and impactful third sector group I have ever worked with. This team are increasingly filling the gap for people falling out of statutory provision. Offering food, warmth, clothing, advice, a safe place, human contact and love to whoever needs it. Oasis draw no boundaries to whom they support, and no challenge is too big for them to offer help”.

We’d like to thank all our supporters for enabling us to do this vital work!