A Taste of Our New Home

Last Saturday we stood in our new home, touching, seeing and feeling the promise born twenty years ago becoming a reality. 

Twenty-six years ago, God gave Victoria Armstrong, a vision of a building pumping out unconditional love from the centre of Gorton down every road, close and avenue. It was on this day that the vision and heart for The Oasis Centre was born.

Since then, we have outgrown buildings and functioned out of rented properties waiting for our permanent, purpose-built home to become a reality.

Knowing God to be faithful, we didn’t lose hope even when we could not see how this promise could become a reality. Back in 2015 we were presented with the opportunity to build our new home in the centre of Gorton. We began to see God’s promise becoming a reality. Since then, we have been on a fundraising journey and have learnt so much which has seen a whopping £1.2million raised.

We would like to thank all of you who have been on this fundraising journey with us and for your generosity and wholehearted support. 

Members of The Oasis team from past and present celebrating the new building

Building work began in 2018 and on Saturday we were able to stand in our new home and show our team of staff, volunteers and trustees what this new home will look like.

Each step was a reminder of how faithful God has been to us over the past twenty-six years. It was also a reminder of the promise that God has for a community which so desperately needs help and transformation.

As we explored each room of the centre there was an overwhelming sense of what is to come in the future and the hope for those who use it.

We are in the finishing stages of the building phase and are hoping to be opening our doors to the public in April 2020.