A Quick Favour?

We have some great news to share with you (and we need your help)!

The Oasis Centre has recently applied for a significant funding grant from the Skills and Opportunities fund at NatWest bank.

If we are successful in the application, it will fund our entire RE-SKILL programme for 18 months.  RE-SKILL is all about bringing people from hopelessness to aspiration, and it does this by providing our clients with the crucial skills and financial stability that they need to move forward in life – including Maths, Budgeting, English and Science lessons, art and cookery programs, one-to-one reading and phonics programs and a personally tailored moving forward program that is designed to promote self-worth, develop aspirations and encourage independence, all of which are huge factors when it comes to finding a job.

Our bid has progressed well so far, and we have reached the final stage which all comes down to a public vote. So here is where we need your help….

Please, please, please could you take just two minutes of your time to vote for us. To do so, just click on the link below and scroll down until you find us and then click vote. A few clicks from you could make all the difference to many people in East Manchester.

The deadline for voting is Midday on Wednesday November 10th, but the best time to vote is RIGHT NOW and we would be super-grateful forever if you could place your vote – and ask your friends to vote for us too!

Thanks a million for all your support,

Victoria X