21 Years of Building Family

In September we had the wonderful opportunity to remember, celebrate and give thanks to God for 21 incredible years at our Oasis birthday party.  Over 100 of our regular Oasis community enjoyed crazy games, yummy food and the chance to rest and reminisce.  There was also a strong sense in the room that we’ve only just got started…..there is so much more to come!  Conversation flowed about how unconditional love, and family, is at the heart of Oasis.  Here are a few words from our Oasis family:

"I came to Oasis feeling very lonely but now I am part of all the lessons and I am part of the family"

"I like to come to Oasis.  It relieves the boredom of being at home.  You can meet new people and chat with them.  It’s a friendly environment and you can get help with all your problems.  It’s great to be here"

"I love coming to Oasis.  I have only been coming for a few weeks but I feel like it’s been years. I love the friendship, learning so many things in the classes, the staff are amazing, they do much to help you. Thank-you for the food they provide"

"I’ve only been coming into Oasis for a few weeks now and I’ve already had my housing sorted"

"I love coming because it’s like a family.  I like to sit with my friends, have a brew, go to the amazing classes and I have had so much help.  Especially Oasis has helped with my mental health which was so bad before I came here"

"I consider this Centre my second family.  I missed my family who I left behind in my country but when I came to Oasis I felt like I live with my family.  All the staff is kind and friendly.  They always smile and be helpful.  I love being in the class and helping in the kitchen.  Thank-you very much for everything"

"I love coming to Oasis because I love seeing my friends and making new ones.  I love getting out of my flat.  I love all the lessons and activities we do because I learn things, but also I feel happy when I have achieved something.  I love the parties and award ceremonies; I just feel so lucky that I get to come here"

"I started coming for ESOL class and to learn English but what I get is so much more, I get my new family.  All my family in Syria and not in UK and I miss them so much but I now have Oasis family, I used to cry all the time but now I am happy with my family.  I tell all my friends, come to class and then you will not be alone, Oasis will welcome you and you will meet many new people.  We love to come and learn and be with our family laughing in our Unity class and people want to learn about us and they teach us many things too"

Thank you for all your support and love down the years!