A Taste of 2023

It is a delight to share that since moving to our purpose-built centre, our growth is sizeable!

We have had an amazing 127% increase in the number of people we support from 34 nations. We have seen a 42% increase in crisis support issues being addressed. We are now serving 700+ free breakfasts and lunches per week and have seen an 81% increase in the number of people accessing our education programme. 

We continue to see 6 new people a day using our centre for support and at least 1 person a week is finding employment through our Work Club and Next Step programmes.

Through the ‘Cost of Living’ crisis our free café and budget charity shop are literally a life line to our community and beyond. It is incredible to hear countless reports of people telling us they are keeping their head above water because of our wraparound care and support.


18 staff

62 volunteers

6 new people a day used the Oasis Centre for support

1 person a week found employment 

Over 2,500 individual vulnerable and disadvantaged people supported

Footfall of 18,354

1,787 new people came in for support

5,422 crisis issues dealt with

150 people per week enjoy confidence and wellbeing activities

337 people have enjoyed our education programme

50 people have worked hard on our Next Step programme 

296 people were supported through IT and work club

60 people found employment!

36,400 free meals served to people in need

Over 33,000 items sold in our low-cost charity shop

60% women, 40% men and 55% BAME community

413 separate visits from outside health and support agencies

34 different nations represented

“My head was all over the place. There was too much stuff going wrong. I’ve been hurting myself cos everything’s a mess. Oasis helped me sort out my bills and spoke to benefits for me. You gave me food and got me in touch with mental health”.

You’ve not just helped me sort out my debt and work out how to move forward after my accident, you’ve also shown me respect and made me feel human again”.

“This is my reason for getting up in the morning because I know that there will be something to do that will take my mind off all that is going on and I can feel free of all my problems for a few hours.  I know my problems will still be there when I go home but the break means I can cope”.

“If this place wasn’t here…I wouldn’t be here, it’s as simple as”.

“Coming to Oasis has transformed me. I love all the classes we do here, and I have learned so much. It’s so different to school and I find I actually remember stuff we do here and I’m getting loads better with my reading and writing. I’m proper proud of myself. We have a laugh too; it doesn’t feel like learning”.