As much as we love spending time with our clients, we realise that the goal isn't to stay with Oasis forever, but to find work. Our RE-START program helps with this in the following ways:

  • ONE-TO-ONE Basic I.T. training - clients are introduced to the basics of I.T. and the internet in 'bite-size' learning packages, which are tailored to meet the specific needs and timelines of the individual.
  • WORK CLUB - we offer a work club service with free access to I.T./internet facilities, and to accredited courses in I.T. literacy and work skills, including searching effectively for jobs, creating and maintaining a personalised C.V., extracting key information from job advertisements and websites, completing job applications effectively, preparing for interviews and answering common interview questions. This personalised and tailored scheme supports clients in increased I.T. skills, increased skills for work, securing further training, volunteer placements or paid employment, increased confidence and increased well-being.

We have demonstrated that these interventions are effective in meeting the needs of 'hard to reach' and 'complex family' clients to engage in learning and giving them confidence to access basic education and training, bettering their chances of full-time employment and challenging their chaotic and unhealthy lifestyle choices. This gives them a new beginning and an end to dependency. Many need considerable support at a very basic level in order to develop what could be called 'pre-requisites' for engaging with 'higher level' support agencies.

The Oasis Centre fully recognises that many clients will always require a considerable amount of time in order to develop these characteristics, especially when we consider the number of years over which many of the problems have developed.

However, our aim is always for clients to 'exit' The Oasis Centre, in a planned way, having achieved the changes we seek to bring about and we therefore liaise with and work with other support agencies who clients can move on to for the next stage of their development. 


The RE-START program is coordinated by Rich Balmforth. Rich has recently joined the Oasis Centre, having spent some time working in the private sector Rich wanted to use his experience to help people engage with work.

"It's an honour to be able to come alongside people and watch them grow in confidence and feel empowered to go out and pursue careers they are passionate about." (Rich Balmforth)

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