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Many of our clients find that in order to move forwards, they need to develop certain new skills. Through our RE-SKILL program, we provide a relaxed and encourage setting to learn and practice.

  • BASIC ADULT LIFE-SKILLS TRAINING PROGRAM ('FREEDOM ED') - clients are given the opportunity to develop the pre-requisite skills necessary for a functional lifestyle and successful employment. We introduce them to literacy, numeracy, home economics and art in a creative and non-threatening way. This one year program includes: Urban Art; Cookery Workshop; English For Everyone; Maths Made Easy and Science workshops. 
  • ONE-TO-ONE PHONICS & READING PROGRAMS - We offer individual support in learning the basics of reading, writing and phonics.
  • MOVING FORWARD SCHEME - A tailor-made program which helps clients to reach their full potential through educational trips, training, team building, self-esteem workshops, job club and voluntary employment opportunities. It aims to promote self-worth, develop motivation and aspirations and encourage independence, all of which are important factors in obtaining employment.


The RE-SKILL program is co-ordinated by Lizzie Watkins. Lizzie is a qualified teacher who first started working at the Oasis Centre as a volunteer, helping to run our Community Support team. 

"It is a real privilege to work in an organisation where you are part of a team that is seeing people's lives change on a daily basis." - Lizzie Watkins

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