FROM ISOLATION TO INCLUSION For many people in difficult situations, loneliness can be a reality of life. Through our re-engage program, we help everybody to feel like part of the community. The ways we do this include:

  • WELL-BEING SUPPORT - clients are given access to opportunities which promote the value of physical, emotional and mental well-being, e.g. trips, parties and other social days plus open access Health and where local and relevant well-being services promote their services to our clientele.
  • LEISURE ACTIVITIES - We offer pool, table-tennis, board games and quizzes at each of our sessions as a means of addressing the boredom needs of a more diverse group of potential clients.
  • COMMUNITY SUPPORT TEAM - with interventions as described above (in RE-BUILD).
  • GROUP ACTIVITIES - short-term programs, such as craft workshops, gardening and a choir. 
  • Our Cafe


source The RE-ENGAGE program is co-ordinated by our centre manager, Stuart Gosling. Stuart started working at the Oasis Centre as one of our valued volunteers. He has been in the position of centre manager for three years, having previously been employed by Together Trust, working with hard-to-reach teenagers.

"I'm passionate about helping people grow in self-confidence, supporting them to move positively forward in their lives." - Stuart Gosling

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