Gerald KaufmanM.P.

As the local Member of Parliament, I wish to express my strongest possible support for The Oasis Centre, with which I have been working for a considerable period of time. The centre provides a quality service which helps the most complex and hardest to reach residents in Gorton develop stability, integration, life-skills and aspirations. The area in which they operate is one of great deprivation and the work is indispensable to what I seek for my constituents.

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The Oasis Centre is a lifeline for over 100 people each week, including families living on benefits, long-term unemployed people, asylum seekers and refugees, homeless people, ex-offenders and those struggling with alcohol and drug problems or mental illness. Find out more about what Oasis can do for you.

The Oasis community is made up of partners, friends and well-wishers of Oasis who have made a decision to join with us on the journey. Learn about our story, receive regular updates of the lives that are being restored and hear about the latest opportunities to support the work. Why not join the community today?

What makes Oasis work is the generosity of people like you. There are huge needs in East Manchester, but along with this comes huge opportunities to serve people and restore even more broken lives. With your help, there is so much more that we can do. Find out how you can get involved.

about oasis

Our Vision

Our vision is to see God-given transformation for the people of East Manchester; from chaos, isolation and hopelessness to stability, community, and fullness of life.

LAST MONTH, we saw...

664 Total Footfall
33 first time visitors
13 food parcels given
244 Crisis situations managed
146 People on training programs
7 People Find Jobs

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Evidence of Need
The Oasis Centre is situated in one of the neediest communities in England.

oasis centre building project

The Story

20 years ago, Victoria had a vision of a building in the heart of Gorton, that could be a hub for God's unconditional love to flow to the people of the area. 

This dream was in Victoria's heart, even before Oasis had been started, and has stayed with her as the charity has gone from strength to strength over the last two decades. With the new Oasis Centre, this dream is finally becoming a reality.

Oasis is currently in an advanced stage of negotiation with Manchester City Council and One Manchester Housing Association about the development of this innovative new day centre and along with it some much needed social housing.

With this new centre, Oasis will be in an even better position to serve the local community, both through the expansion of the current provision that is on offer, and through the development of new services for the local community.  


  • Expansion of crisis support and emergency provision.
  • Development of the education and employment program, and the addition of new training opportunities.
  • New services - including counselling, debt advice, GP drop-in and mentoring.



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Grainne wardNeighbourhood team leader - ONE MANCHESTER HOUSING ASSOCIATION

We work in partnership with Oasis, identifying key areas of needs and delivering educational events and courses to their residents. The Oasis Centre provides life-changing services to many One Manchester customers and has proved to be a crucial support hub to the Gorton community.

Dr. laura neilsonuk government health needs researcher

The most striking thing about Oasis is its complete acceptance of anyone walking in the door. Oasis is unique in that its first and foremost offer is acceptance, and its biggest commodity is trust. It offers support to people who are on the very fringes of society and works with individuals to support them to becoming more whole.

andy hawthorne o.b.e.chief executive - the message trust

We have worked closely with Oasis over the past couple of years. We have seen the impact that their work has had for some of the most vulnerable and needy people in and around Gorton. We can't recommend them highly enough.


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